Residential Service Guidelines

San Ramon

Residential Service Guidelines


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PROPER SET OUT – Help us provide safe and efficient service!
  • Be sure to have your carts at the curb by 5:30 A.M. on your collection day. Beginning October 1, 2019 create a online account or contact us to find out when we service your area.


  • Make sure to leave the carts at the curb until we’ve emptied them. Our trucks can arrive at different times each week.


  • Please place your carts facing the street with wheels against the curb.


  • Leave 2- 3 feet between each cart whenever possible.


  • Be mindful to keep carts away from parked cars, fire hydrants, low-hanging branches, parking meters, utility poles and other obstacles.


  • Please do not overload your carts. This will help to avoid litter and critter access.


  • Make the most of the cart space! Please do not wedge or compact materials into your carts. Doing so may prevent your cart from being fully emptied when serviced.


  • Please remember that your collection carts must be put away, out of public view, after they are serviced.


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