San Ramon

2024 Single Family & Townhome Residential Rate Information

Rate Period January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024.

Click here for PDF of the 2024 rates. Valid 1/1/2024-12/31/2024

The following rates apply to single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes with individual cart service for garbage, recyclables, and compostables. Residents may recycle compostable organic materials such as food scraps, soiled paper products, plants, yard trimmings, and clean wood in their compost carts. Curbside customers are billed quarterly. Curbside rates are based upon the size of garbage cart requested. Recycling and Organics collection services are included and residents can have up to two Recycling carts and up to two Organics carts at no additional charge.

Basic Cart Service

Service (Rate includes Garbage, 64-gal Recyclable Materials and and a 64-gal Organics Materials Collection Services).

Size of Solid Waste ContainerService FrequencyQuarterly Rate
20-gal Cart Curbside Service1 pick-up/week$124.65
35-gal Cart Curbside Service1 pick-up/week$152.33
64-gal Cart Curbside Service1 pick-up/week$250.83
96-gal Cart Curbside Service1 pick-up/week$399.50
20-gal Cart Backyard Service - Disabled1 pick-up/week$124.65
35-gal Cart Backyard Service - Disabled1 pick-up/week$152.33
64-gal Cart Backyard Service - Disabled1 pick-up/week$250.83
96-gal Cart Backyard Service - Disabled1 pick-up/week$399.50
20-gal Cart Backyard Service1 pick-up/week$282.94
35-gal Cart Backyard Service 1 pick-up/week$310.62
64-gal Cart Backyard Service1 pick-up/week$409.12
96-gal Cart Backyard Service1 pick-up/week$557.79
Additional Weekly Service Option - No Additional Fee
Upgrade to 96-gal Recycle Cart1 pick-up/week$0.00
Additional 64-gal Recycling Cart (Max - 2 Carts Total)1 pick-up/week$0.00
Additional 64-gal Organic Materials Cart1 pick-up/week$0.00
Additional Weekly Service Options - Additional Fee Applies
35-gal Recycling Cart (After 2 Free)1 pick-up/week$42.83
64-gal Recycling Cart (After 2 Free)1 pick-up/week$75.96
96-gal Recycling Cart (After 2 Free)1 pick-up/week$121.41
20-gal Organics Cart (After 2 Free)1 pick-up/week$33.58
35-gal Organics Cart (After 2 Free)1 pick-up/week$42.83
64-gal Organics Cart (After 2 Free)1 pick-up/week$75.96
96-gal Organics Cart (After 2 Free)1 pick-up/week$121.41


Miscellaneous Services (Per Occurrence)
Type of ServiceReceptacleRate
Extra ServicesFlocked Christmas Tree$42.18
Yard Waste Bags$12.00
Garbage Bag Tags$12.00
Additional Bulky Pick-up (Outside the Neighborhood Clean-up Days)3 cubic yards or 21-32 gallon bags$316.71
Return TripNot Applicable$105.56
Bulky Pick-up Each Cubic Yard Over 3Not Applicable$84.42
Additional Cart Replacement -Single Family customers are eligible for one (1) free cart replacement and one (1) free cart size exchange per any 12 month period for any reason. A fee is applied to additional requests in the same 12 month period.Not Applicable$105.56


Additional Services – Extra Garbage Cart Services – Performed on Regular Service Day
Size of ContainerFrequencyRate


Additional Services – Extra Garbage Cart Services – Performed on Day other than Service Day
Size of ContainerFrequencyRate


Bulky Items – On Call Special Collection (Per Item)
Type of ServiceRate InformationRate
Air Conditioner - wall uniteach $258.64
Cast Iron Bathtubeach $120.79
Certified Refrigerator/Air Conditionereach $258.64
Chaireach $105.99
Couch 6 ft.each $120.79
Couch 9 ft.each $120.79
Dishwashereach $120.79
Dryereach $120.79
Hide-a-Bedeach $120.79
Mattress - Fulleach $152.64
Mattress - Kingeach $152.64
Mattress - Queeneach $152.64
Mattress - Twineach $152.64
Metal Bathtubeach $120.79
Microwaveeach $105.99
Misc Furniture Itemeach $105.99
Misc Large Itemeach $152.64
Refrigeratoreach $258.64
Stoveeach $120.79
Television - bigger than 25" consoleeach $211.99
Television - less than or 25" console or Computer monitoreach $152.64
Tires (cars & pick up)each $52.97
Tires (truck)each $95.40
Toileteach $105.99
Washereach $120.79
Water heater - 30 galeach $120.79
Water heater - 40 galeach $120.79
Water heater - 50 galeach $120.79