San Ramon

2024 Multi-Family Debris Box Service Rates

Rate Period January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024.

Click here for PDF of the 2024 rates. Valid 1/1/2024-12/31/2024

Rates apply to multi-family debris box compactor services.

Multi-Family Debris Box Compactor (Per Pull)
Type of ServiceReceptacleService Frequency (Pick-Ups/Week)Per PullPer Ton Rate (1 Ton Minimum)
Solid waste (Drop Box Compactor) 12 yard compactorPer-pull Rate$1,431.14$107.65
15 yard compactorPer-pull Rate$1,471.24$107.65
16 yard compactorPer-pull Rate$1,498.03$107.65
20 yard compactorPer-pull Rate$1,511.41$107.65
25 yard compactorPer-pull Rate$1,538.15$107.65
30 yard compactorPer-pull Rate$1,578.27$107.65
35 yard compactorPer-pull Rate$1,618.42$107.65
40 yard compactorPer-pull Rate$1,658.57$107.65


Multi-Family Miscellaneous Debris Box Compactor Services
Type of ServiceReceptacleService Frequency (Pick-Ups/Week)Maximum Rate
Inactivity/Demurrage Fee/Perm CustomerDrop Box CompactorPer Box per month if less than 3 pick ups in a month$157.94
Trip Charge Drop Box CompactorPer Occurrence$169.19