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Welcome to ACI of San Ramon

ACI is the franchised hauler for Garbage, Recyclables and Organics for the City of San Ramon.

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New Service Began October 1, 2019

Recycle Right! Find out what belongs in each container.


Contact us by phone: 925-380-9480 or email.



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Click the red “Account Login” button in the upper right-hand corner or click here to get started and create your online account!

PLEASE NOTE: You will need your ACI of San Ramon account number. To get your account number you can:

–Wait to receive your first bill from ACI of San Ramon – it will have your new ACI of San Ramon account number on it.


Contact our Billing Department.  Our Billing Representatives are happy to assist you!

For more information and to see when you will receive your ACI of San Ramon bill, click here for Billing Guidelines


  • If you currently have Paperless Billing with Waste Management, it will continue uninterrupted.
  • If you currently have Auto-Pay with Waste Management for solid waste (garbage) services and want to continue to have Auto-Pay for your garbage bill with ACI of San Ramon you must sign up with us.


Wishcycling Make sure everything you put into the blue recyclables cart/bin is recyclable.


Aim For Zero Waste!

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ACI Go Paperless-Plant A Tree Campaign

ACI Go Paperless Plant a Tree Campaign

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