ACI of San Ramon General Information, Terms, and Conditions:

BILLING INFORMATION – Invoices are due thirty (30) calendar days after the service period has been completed. Invoices are delinquent when more than 45 days past due and may be assessed a one- and one-half percent (1.5%) late fee per month. There will be a service charge if your check is returned from the bank. Rejected “auto-pays” will also be subject to a service charge.


BILLING DISPUTES – Billing disputes must be reported to ACI of San Ramon’s Customer Service Department within 30-days of receiving this invoice. If we are not contacted within 30-days, all charges will be assumed accurate.


COLLECTION POLICY – Per the Franchise Agreement with the City of San Ramon, if an account becomes more than one hundred twenty (120) calendar days past due, ACI of San Ramon may discontinue service to the Customer. ACI of San Ramon will notify the City Contract Manager of the address, ser­vice level, service frequency and delinquent billing amount. ACI of San Ramon may withhold service of a delinquent account until the past delinquencies are paid in full. Upon restoring delinquent account, ACI of San Ramon may require a deposit from the Customer. Service is mandatory, and the City of San Ramon may penalize customers for not maintaining service.


RATE ADJUSTMENTS – Rates are subject to change. The rate adjustment process is outlined in the Franchise Agreement between ACI of San Ramon and the City of San Ramon. Rate adjustments most often occur on January 1 of each year.


SERVICE CANCELLATIONS – A completed Stop Service Form is required to cancel service. The Form can be dropped off at our office or sent by mail, email, or fax. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. Cancellations will not be made retroactively. It is the customer’s responsibility to end services with ACI of San Ramon. All services are due and payable until a completed Stop Service Form has been submitted. Forms are available on our web site or at our office.


SERVICE MODIFICATIONS – Requests to increase or decrease service must be made in writing and submitted in person or by mail, email, or fax. Verbal requests will not be accepted. All changes will be assigned a confirmation number upon completion and this will be communicated to the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their request was received and processed. Service level changes (increase/decrease in container size) in ex­cess of once per 12-month period will be charged a fee (see rates on website).


TRANSFERRED CHARGES – If service is transferred from one property to another and the final bill remains unpaid after the due date, any outstanding balance and/or deposit will be transferred to the new account.


PAPERLESS INVOICING – Paperless Invoicing is available for account holders to receive emailed pdf copies of invoices. Once activated, paperless invoicing will remain in effect until the account holder opts-out, or if the email address provided to ACI is rejected by the email host. Account holders are responsible for contacting ACI to update or delete email information. Email addresses provided to the City of San Ramon and/or ACI of San Ramon are solely used for business purposes related to services provided by the City of San Ramon and/or ACI of San Ramon.


MANDATORY RECYCLING – The City of San Ramon requires recycling & composting! All occupied properties must subscribe to adequate levels of garbage, recyclables, and organics collection services. Learn more by visiting or




  • Prorated service will be calculated daily.
  • Service/billing inquiries should not be sent with your payment. Please send in a separate envelope or to or call (925)380-9480.
  • Missed pick-ups need to be reported within 24-hours so that we can confirm the miss and make amends.
  • Next day service requests must be phoned in or emailed by 2:00 pm the day before.
  • Debris box service requests should be made at least 48-hours before service is to be performed.
  • Customers are responsible for extraordinary damage to their collection containers. This excludes normal wear and tear.


HOLIDAY SCHEDULE – ACI of San Ramon observes the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays. When these holidays fall on a weekday, service on weekdays preceding the holiday is unaffected. Customers whose regular service day falls on or after the holiday will receive service one day late. Visit for more information.


PROHIBITED ITEMS – Carts/containers that are too heavy to safely pick up will not be serviced. Customer is responsible for not exceeding manufacturer weight limits and not placing prohibited items inside. Prohibited items include but are not limited to tires, pesticides, fertilizers, cleaners, solvents, paint, fluorescent lamps, medical waste, batteries, electronics and automotive fluids. Contact ACI of San Ramon or visit for information on proper disposal of hazardous waste.


  • If a cart/container cannot be serviced due to excessive weight, the customer is responsible for correcting the load. Special containers are available for dirt, rock, concrete, and other exceptionally heavy materials commonly used in construction, demolition and landscaping. Contact ACI of San Ramon for more information and rates.


  • Recycling containers must remain free of non-recyclable waste. It is the responsibility of the customer to remove all non-recyclable waste before service. If the customer requests the blue recycling container to be emptied as garbage the applicable garbage rate will apply.


For any additional questions, or to ask about current rates and fees, please contact us here.


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